Nut'n But The Truth

Nut'n But The Truth

2 Seasons

A Christ-centered drama/comedy about a black church and a white one coming together. Laughter and love.

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Nut'n But The Truth
  • Episode 1 - Season 2

    Episode 1

    Jawbreaker's mother asks Pastor Lynn for help. Pastor McKnight's ex causes him problems. Jawbreaker gets a mentor.

  • Episode 2 - Season 2

    Episode 2

    Pastor Lynn's friend brings some bad news. A "praise" report. Pastor Lynn wrestles with who to solve a problem

  • Episode 3 - Season 2

    Episode 3

    Pastor Lynn grapples with how to grow the church membership.

  • Episode 4 - Season 2

    Episode 4

    Gina's nephew has a counselling session with Pastor Lynn. Deacon Hall finds a kindred spirit. They clash with Pastor Lynn over membership and leadership opportunities.

  • Episode 5 - Season 2

    Episode 5

    Deacon Hall tries to explain his opposition to a youth movement at the church. Officer Lanski has a tough day that relates to the issue

  • Episode 6 - Season 2

    Episode 6

    Pastor McKnight's ex is a topic of conversation. Beatrice Winnepeg reveals her feelings for Pastor McKnight. Deacons Ragland and Hall meet an elder. Alana Hall makes an announcement.

  • Episode 7 - Season 2

    Episode 7

    Alana's wedding plans get a reality check.

  • Episode 8 - Season 2

    Episode 8

    Gina’s ailing mother wants to include the church in her will. Pastor Lynn believes God has a better way of solving the church's financial problems.