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  • Five Minutes Of Favor

    2 seasons

    “Five Minutes Of Favor” is a truly real show depicting men and woman from around the world, allowing them to speak and bless other by the word of the Lord, and or by their testimonies. Being based out of the island of Curacao with host Prophet Jeremy J. Brown, we have been able to touch many live...

  • Bread Winner
    Movie + 1 extra

    Bread Winner

    Movie + 1 extra

    Bread winner is true Uganda story of child who looks after another child and her young sister is HIV positive, they meet their father whose they had never seen before in their life not knowing they had to steal from him to live.

  • Teena Sandhu- Spoken Word

    2 videos

    The Veil Torn - A Muslims Journey to Christ is a very personal story from my heart. A story about being in bondage, trapped, lost & broken to finding a Voice, Freedom, and Overcomer. After I was saved I realized how precious I was to God and how He has been with me and watched me throughout my li...

  • Unbounded (Coming Soon)


    He believed in God, but limited the power of God, and this almost stopped him from accomplishing his destiny.

  • Adeline Baidoo

    2 videos

    Adeline Baidoo is an inspirational worshipper from Ghana whose Ministration keeps touching people's lives worldwide.

  • Dog City


  • Let Us Pray For Nigeria - Jayclef

  • Bolivia: The Treasures Within

    1 season

    Bolivia: Treasures Within takes you on a tour of this beautiful South American country. Rarely considered a vacation destination of choice, Bolivia is full of people and places that are often overlooked and yet are part of the natural and cultural "riches" that make this country what it is. This ...

  • Who Killed Mr. G?


    After losing an irreplaceable figure mysteriously to the unfriendly hands of death, members of a local church must forge ahead in a world that has just become darker. But just before the dead is buried, a shocking truth about the deceased and his murderer is revealed by a stranger whose identity ...

  • Marriage Battles

    1 season

    Marriage Battles is a drama series which revolves around a newly-wed couple, Kenny and Omolola from the Western part of Nigeria who was finding it difficult to agree on a particular subject matter, in this case, Fasting and Sex in marriage. While Omolola religiously believes that it is wrong to b...